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TransWest procures specific vehicles for your unique needs, and owns and operates a large and diverse fleet. We customize vans, transits, shuttles, buses, and luxury coaches for any size group.

Dedicated to You

Whatever our clients request, we make happen. So if you want bike racks, water coolers, on-board WiFi or air-conditioned, luxury coaches with streaming video—just let us know. Whenever requested, we supply mobile apps to equip riders with real-time shuttle location updates—keeping everyone on time.

Committed to New

With the exception of a rugged industrial fleet for our construction-mining-and-natural resource clients, our fleet vehicles’ average age is less than three years. This commitment to the newest equipment and technology keeps us agile, reduces repairs and maintenance, and minimizes costly downtime.

Committed to Value

We employ telematics and connected intelligence for smarter fleet management. Our tech solutions allow us to maximize vehicle up-time and reduce our fleet’s pollution idle times. We practice proactive maintenance with in-the-cloud, pre- and post-trip scans. So, you’re always getting max performance.

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(12 – 15 people)

Our Ford E350 vans are hugely popular with crew transportation clients. Vinyl flooring makes cleaning the dirt and mud associated with a construction site easy, so we can provide clean shuttles daily. These nimble vans are great for operating tight turns.

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(12 – 15 people)

Our smaller-capacity workhorse transports in comfort. With a high roof and plenty of storage in back, this next-generation passenger van offers great fuel economy and ease of load/unloading guests—keeping this instant classic in high demand.

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(24 – 45 people)

Our most popular vehicle can be customized to exact specs with add-on water coolers, bike racks, seat-back trays or LED destination signs. Less than 3 years old, our custom shuttle fleet increases efficiencies, reduces costs and provides the most reliable vehicles available.

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(15 – 40 people)

For discerning clients, we provide luxury shuttles that can be customized with features like: tinted windows, hardwood flooring, mobile audio/video, plush limousine seating, high-speed WiFi, Bluetooth and electrical charging stations.

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(40 people)

Designed to move the maximum number of riders in a single trip. We have standard and 4×4 models in stock.  All are outfitted with AC. Not a single drop of fluid ever hits the ground, enabling us to operate in very strict environments with EPA oversight.

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(40+ people)

Most of our transits have two entrances and exits, ensuring timely loading and unloading—keeping operations and people moving efficiently. Our most popular crew hauler can load 50+ riders using the available center aisle standing room.

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(56 people)

The standard for elegance in transportation. With upgraded interiors, privacy glass and streaming media, these vehicles are popular with discerning clients who want the best. Also popular with longer shuttle operations when a shuttle bus just isn’t big enough.

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