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TransWest understands the value of a diverse workforce. While no hiring decisions are made based on any protected characteristics, we recognize that our company is strengthened by the differences each of our team members brings to the team.

Our recruitment team casts a broad net to recruit people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For this, and in addition to our normal recruiting efforts, TransWest’s recruiting team dedicates a portion of their budget posting open positions on culturally diverse employment websites. They also partner with several community-based organizations to source, hire and provide career opportunities to historically disadvantaged population groups. As a result of these efforts, TransWest’s workforce composition is significantly more racially diverse than the regions that we serve.

In addition to pursuing gender and ethnic diversity within our team, our recruiting team is diligent to maximize opportunities for persons with disabilities and veterans. For example, we have worked with the Northwest Center, which facilitates employment opportunities for people with disabilities, to recruit candidates. We also routinely attend veterans hiring fairs and post job opportunities on veteran-focused job boards.

We offer flexible schedules to maximize employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds and economic situations, such as retirees, parents of school-aged children, college students, persons working multiple jobs, and so on. We also offer:

Benefits for both full- and part-time team members

While most transportation providers only offer partial or no benefits for part-time employees, TransWest is proud to offer our part-time workforce our full benefits package.

Retirement benefits

We offer a 401K program with a high company match that is easy to navigate.

Competitive pay for women

We are proud to close the gender wage gap almost completely. In the Puget Sound region, women make $.78 for every dollar a man makes. At TransWest, our female team members in the region earn $.99 for every dollar earned by male team members.

Ultimately our recruitment and hiring efforts are aimed at providing persons of all backgrounds with meaningful work and career trajectories, while providing our clients with the best teams possible. We look for candidates with a strong aptitude for customer service and safety and train them to apply these qualities in their daily duties.  We also provide training for drivers to get their commercial driver’s licenses, which creates greater career opportunities within TransWest and beyond.

We are proud of our diverse team of drivers, curbside ambassadors, leads, managers, mechanics, and so on, who work together to make our company healthy and profitable while providing world class service to our clients.

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