Boeing Everett 777X / 40-27 Build

Over 40,000 people work in and around the largest building in the world at Boeing Everett. In May 2014, Hoffman Construction Company and Boeing engaged our team at TransWest to design and manage shuttle operations and off-site crew parking for the construction of a 1.3 million-square-foot facility where the 777X airplane was to be built. At the same time, Hoffman asked for assistance with their crew parking and shuttle operations during the building of a Boeing 40-27 assembly building. At the peak of these projects, there were roughly 2,000 crew members being transported to and from parking locations and work on a daily basis. Boeing also asked us to manage and oversee parts of their intricate parking program that was influenced by these construction projects and their overall operations.

Boeing Everett Delivery Center Build

The construction of the Boeing Everett Delivery Center took place during 2012. Boeing and Skanska USA Building retained TransWest to manage all off-site crew parking and daily crew shuttle operations.  With the limited space available to maneuver shuttle vehicles, this project included many challenges. Working in a high security environment, our team successfully transported up to 400 crew members per day in this year-plus project.

Boeing Classic

Since its inception, we have managed the shuttle and parking operations for the Boeing Classic Golf Tournament.  We transport more than 100,000 spectators throughout the week-long event, while also ensuring each one of them is parked safely and securely. This recurring contract involves the operation of up to nine off-site parking facilities and accompanying shuttle coordination to and from each property.

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